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22 February 2010 @ 11:39 pm
Well, I've decided to make some icons with Darin :D I hope you like as much as I love it :)
Enjoy it and please credit me if you're using - thank you!

simply loveCollapse )

Good night ♥  you're out of my life ♥

P.S. is it just for be obvious that he will win Eurovision this year?
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14 April 2009 @ 10:52 am
After a long time, I tried to make some icons, and I think it is really bad... where's my mind? I can complain about my life, feelings etc but it really makes no sense :D I didnt watch for a really long time bollywood films... so last time I was watching Billu Barber, and I fell in love after 10 minutes staring on screen. hihihi Shahrukh <3 why he always makes me happy? All time I was thinking who is Bindya (sorry me!) and I am really surprise that she is Lara :o it was my first film with her so that's why I am uninformed. I was so glad looking on Lara with Irfan, such a great couple <3 And I cant stop listening music from movie :DD I need recomend you it :)

Aishwarya x7
Kareena Kapoor x4
Priyanka Chopra x9
Shahrukh x3
Billu Barber x3

Love Mera Hit HitCollapse ) 

Mans Zelmerlow x7
Darin x5
Alesha Dixon x2
Beyonce x3

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31 October 2008 @ 09:31 pm
Hello everyone <3
I have received Darin CDs Breathing your love♥  today, from my lovely girl Sanni ♥   it looks soo goood :D also I have seen new video for this song :DD omg it is soo gorgeous!! ♥  and Darin with naked arms xD xD veery good, just check out!
I made icons from this video ♥ 
Darin and Kat DeLuna @ Breathing your love x16

Baby you is the diamons that lasts forever? Collapse )

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